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Patternless Auto Lens Edger Set

The Patternless Auto Lens Edger provides great support for busy businesses and quickly processes any lens. The Patternless Auto Lens edger has various grinding pressures so that it can work on Polycarbonate, CR 39 and Glass lenses. The Auto Lens Scanner gives real-time guidance to let the user know when the best center position has been reached. The set includes the Patternless Auto Lens Edger and the Auto Lens Scanner. 


  • Set: Patternless Auto Lens Edger & Auto Lens Scanner

  • Touch screen

  • Fully automatic

  • Contains Online function

  • Accessories included

  • Voltage: 110V

  • Works on Polycarbonate, CR-39, and Glass lenses


Model: HR-20.820

Patternless Auto Lens Edger
Auto Lens Scanner

Tutorial Videos

Installation & Adjustment:

Internal Size Adjustment:

Axis Adjustment:

Initial Set-Up:

Pattern Scan:

Lens Grinding Tutorial:

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