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Auto Lens Edger Set

The Auto Lens Edger provides great support for busy businesses and quickly processes any lens. It does 60-80 jobs a day, an estimate of 10 jobs an hour. Works on Polycarbonate, CR 39 and Glass lenses. The set includes the Auto Lens Edger, Layout Blocker, Pattern Opener, Water Pump, Closet, and accessories.


  • Digital display

  • Auto-Clip System

  • Automatic Free Float Beveling

  • Automatic Emendation Procedure

  • Technical parameter: min 22mm, max 100mm

  • Dimensions: 530mm(L) x 500mm(W) x 400mm(H)

  • Weight: 50 kg (100 lbs)

  • Power: 110V+/-10%, 60 Hz


Model: HR-20.400

Auto Lens Edger.jpg
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