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This piece of equipment provides highly accurate readings over a wide range. This phoropter is fast and gives exact readings on Binocular Visual Balance. It also offers quick astigmatism tests.



  • Sphere Power Range: +16.75 to –19.00D, with a min. reading 0.25D or 0.12D

  • Cylinder Power Range: 0 to –6.00 with min. reading 0.25D to 0.12D

  • Astigmatic Axis Scale: 0º to 180º in 5º steps

  • Cross Cylinder: ±0.25, reversal type

  • Rotary Prism: 0 to –20∆D, in 1∆D step

  • Inter-Pupillary Adjustment: 48-80mm in 1mm step

  • Effective Field of View: 19mm

Model: HR-20.5

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