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Silhouette Plier Set

The silhouette plier set is specially designed to push frame barbs back out of the bushings while supporting the lenses on a non-marring nylon surface. These high-quality stainless steel pliers feature replaceable nylon jaws and steel pins for long lasting quality.


Set Includes:

  • Pressing Pliers (CT3030) - 1pc

  • Pressing Pliers (CT3031) - 1pc

  • Cutting Pliers (CT3032) - 1pc

  • Spare Jaw (CT3030A) - 1pc

  • Spare Jaw (CT3031A) - 1pc

  • Drilling Holder - 2pcs

  • Hole Pins - 1pc

  • Silhouette Pins 1.4*7.0 - 10pcs

Model: HR-20.31106-2

Red Silhouette Pliers.jpg
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